Cadin's Premier Property Grooming, LLC.

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We are a Fully Insured Lawn Service and Landscaping company, whose inception was inspired by the youthful, entrepreneurial spirit of

Mr. Cadin Martinez.

Cadin's vision for the company, that he will inherit ownership of, is based off of his self-developed
" 7-S Standards"
-Safety First - Solid Work Ethic - Satisfaction Guaranteed
- Superior Customer Service - Speak with Honesty, Respect and Integrity
- Set the Standard with Quality or Learn How
- Set a good example and Help Others when you can.

Cadin's Premier Property Grooming, LLC. is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offers a variety of NO CONTRACT REQUIRED services, for your Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Needs.
Contact Us TODAY with questions about our services, to schedule a visit or to get your FREE ESTIMATE!.
We offer a full money back refund if you are not fully satisfied with our services.

The Founders

Jovan Martinez

Owner / Operator / Mentor / Trainer /

Lawn Care Professional / Wrestling Coach / Father

Jovan's skill sets are rooted in large commercial construction and financial lending. He has also worked in the Lawn Care and  Landscaping industry since 1999.

A native to Colorado, Jovan is a previously certified Foster Parent and volunteer, youth wrestling coach. Jovan strives to  not only provide practical lessons and principles for his son Cadin, but he holds a passion for his work.  He's believes his work is another expression of himself therefore supplies his clients with the best quality he can.

Cadin 6th Grade - Green Pic

Cadin (aka CADE) Martinez

Co-Founder / Future Owner / Full Time Student /

USA Swimmer / Entrepreneur

Cadin's primary focuses center around his Academics career. He also enjoy competitive swimming and Archery.

Last year, Cade independently began the endeavors of earning his own money. He was able to find an ability to accomplish his pursuits in Lawn Maintenance. After some hard work, wise strategies of re-investing his money, and some love and support of his family and friends, Cade will be a part time student of the business  and now Cadin's Premier Property Grooming, LLC. is open for business.